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Digital Radio Events:


Details on how to participate are now available at https://tapr.org/2020-arrl-tapr-dcc-update/

Normally, this 2½ day conference is held at locations around the country each September at a hotel with conference facilities. 

Because of COVID-19, this year’s physical conference is being replaced with a virtual conference. 

This gives hams the opportunity to attend for only $30 and avoid the travel, hotel and meal costs.  

TAPR’s web site explains how to register to be a Zoom attendee.  It also tells how you can observe for free on Youtube.  Such a deal!


You can also participate by writing a paper, by speaking (with or without submitting a paper), or doing a lightning talk (5 min. or less). 

Topics are all things ham digital – Digital Voice, HF digital, DSP, SDR, APRS, GPS, AX.25, and more. 

Papers submitted to the ARRL will be published in the conference proceedings. 

Submit papers via e-mail to Maty Weinberg, KB1EIB <kb1eib @ arrl.org> by August 15, 2020. 


Download a pdf copy here

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                          D-STAR Training Session Video from Dayton (2013) On-Line at HamRadioNow.tv


HamRadioNow.tv has posted on-line video of the complete, three-hour D-STAR training session presented by John Davis WB4QDX in conjunction with the 2012 Dayton Hamvention®.

This class is designed for hams new to D-STAR, but it will be useful to those who have been around a while, too (maybe you want to make sure John got it right!).

On-line, the class is presented in three segments of 45-50 minutes each, at:


                                New D-Star Video for Newbies!



Dayton Info

Here are some links to presentations and other D-star related presentations/products which have been seen at Dayton over the last couple of years. Please let me know if you have additional links to share.


D-Star InfoConn 2016 Part 1


D-Star InfoConn 2016 Part 2


D-Star InfoConn 2016 Part 3


Arduino Kits (presented during Open Source Session)


SmartMic (presented during Open Source Session)


Free DV  (presented during Open Source Session)


HF DV Nets


K6JM D-Star page (Jim Moen - D-Star hotposts and much more)


Moencomm - Jim Moen's products


DV-3000 (Northwest Digital Radio - several products for D-Star)


Western D-Star (list of rasberry pi files)


Dutch Star (WinDV and other products)


DVMEGA (UHF / VHF hotspots)


John Hays K7VE’s talk at the 2015 MicroHAMS Digital Conference  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOYio06rsuo


For More Information Contact:

Charlotte D-Star Group
PO Box 87, Richfield NC 28137
Internet: info@charlottedstar.org

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