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Charlotte D-Star Group Updates

Next meeting - 4/20/23 -  6:00 p.m.

Park Place  Restraurant




New - All-

Work in progress - keep checking back. 

Carolina Link Update!  The Carolina Link is back on Room 43008,

and the YSF Carolinas Link is connected as of July 19, 2019.

December Update:  D-Star is now working! DCS-054A    

Dashboard is here          Click Here for more



Oct 2018 - We have moved from Yahoo groups to Groups.io - join the group here


Check out the new Carolinas Reflectors! We now have REF054C, XREF054C, and DCS054A!



 - DRats users - we now have a NC DRats reflector:  Network:


Feel free to join our Groups.IO page  CharlotteDigitalRadio

New Quick Registration page - registration


Repeater Updates!


Hood Road Update!

A new antenna has been installed and both VHF and UHF repeaters are working (KI4WXS-C, KI4WXS-B, and KI4WXS Fusion) are all available again.


New  - As of Feb 2022, KI4WXS-C is perma-linked to REF054C and cannot be unlinked. We had some people trying to move it to other reflectors while a net was in progress.




Here is a list of the currently available NXDN talk groups:

10 parrot (don't know if it works)

31371 triangle nc

31665 TGIF

65000 Worldwide

10200 North America

1200 Florida Statewide

10400 Pacific

31010 Alabama Link

31672 Pi Star Tech Support

31374 Carolina Digital Link

50525 TG 50525 bridge Australia

31648 Texas Digital tech Net


Nov 2017

Stanly County now has DMR and D-Star repeaters on the air. They are listed on the HOME page or at the SDVRA page

Aug 2017

In cooperation with the Western DMR Repeater group, I am pleased to announce that we now offer repeater service to the WNC network!

Their website is:


The repeater is located in our Crowders mountain cabinet.

So you're wondering how to get on it, are ya?? Well, here's the whole enchilada, and it's a simple one!

Repeater frequency:  443.5875 mhz  +5mhz

Color Code:  1

There are only TWO channels that our repeater offers:

Slot 1 is Local repeater only. Talk Group 1.

Slot 2 is WNC network. Talk Group 27600.

The WNC network is similar to PRN, only it covers the western North Carolina DMR repeaters. The goal of this repeater is to provide a reliable and different network from Brandmiester and others without loads of complicated talk groups to set up. Plus, the WNC network is low volume usage. It isn't anywhere near as busy as PRN, yet it offers service to areas that PRN typically doesn't cover. If you're planning a trip or vacation out west, you now have a means of access back to our area which is a very nice thing to have. 

Site roaming is available on this network for you Motorola radio users. For those familiar, you know what it is. The radio tracks and changes to the closest repeater on the network. The beacons are on at Crowders and transmitting! 

Also note: They offer a very nice informal DMR net every Thursday at 8:30pm on the WNC network. Look for Tony KK4FFE as NCS. Check it out!

My thanks to Dave KC4SGT and Todd N4DTR for their assistance in making this project become a reality. 

Steve, KA4YMY


The latest info from Steve KA4YMY:

We have a new Dstar repeater on the air: KK4JDH B @ Crowders Mtn. The frequency is the old Charlotte Hood Rd pair of 443.8625 +5 mhz. You can simply change R1 and R2 settings in your radio from KI4WXS to KK4JDH and you're good to go. Coverage appears to be wide area and will service the western suburbs of metro Charlotte. The plan is to connect both it and the 1.2ghz repeater (KK4JDH A) to Ref 54C.

KA4YMZ C 2 meter Dstar repeater has been removed from service due to equipment failure. Yaesu Fusion has taken its place. Same frequency pair of 144.92 / 147.42 mhz. Note the 2.5 mhz split. This repeater was formerly located at Crowders Mtn. This gives us VHF Fusion coverage in the west and UHF coverage from Hood Road in the east.

Roland W9HPX successfully upgraded our DSL line at Hood Road today to faster U-Verse service. I believe we now have 6 meg down and 2 meg up. Or somewhere close to those numbers. Considerably faster than before, and it gives us room for future expansion.


Jan 2016 - APRS Digipeaters now back on the air. KI4WXS-5 and K4OGB-9 are on the air!

Update - K4DVA-9 is on the air at Morrow Mountain State Park!

   Notes from Steve KA4YMY:

KI4WXS-5 at Charlotte / Hood Road has been repaired to some extent. I am currently using a standby radio and have since ordered a new FT2900 75 watt 2 meter radio as a new drop-in unit. I hope to get it up and running later in the coming week but for now it is on the air and working fine @ 25 watts with an antenna at 500 feet on the tower.

Today I met with Ray KI4UDZ and Keith KK4LGM. We fixed the Albemarle APRS digipeater and returned it to service. We agreed to have Stanly County ARC co-sponsor that system with us since it is a bit of a drive for me to maintain. It's new call sign is now K4OGB-9. It is working VERY well and is relaying stations from Myrtle Beach, Fayetteville and Raleigh as well as filling in service areas up towards the Triad area. Thanks to Ray and Keith for their assistance today. I couldn't have done it without them!

We used to operate several additional digipeaters at various other locations around the area, however, the current plan into the future is that we will continue to support these two sites exclusively.

If you own a Kenwood APRS-ready radio or Fusion equipment, check your manuals to learn how to access these systems. They operate on 144.39 mhz, 1200 baud. Plenty of traffic still being passed including igate connectivity. Really cool stuff, even if it is "old school". 



For More Information Contact:

Charlotte D-Star Group
PO Box 87, Richfield NC 28137
Internet: info@charlottedstar.org

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