D-Star Registration Tips



D-STAR Registration Tips



Why register?

Your D-Star radio will work without registering, but D-Star has many routing and control features that work only if your call sign is registered with the D-Star network.  For example, you cannot route your signal to another D-Star repeater unless you are registered.  You cannot transmit with a DV Dongle.  You only need to register once on one repeater gateway to have full D-Star usability throughout the world.  Preferably, you should register on the closest repeater gateway to your home, but that is not absolutely necessary.  Registration is a 2-step process described below.

Step 1 – Submit Application


a) To find your nearest D-Star repeater go to http://www.d-starusers.org/repeaters.php.  Click on the button just left of “state” to re-sort the list.  Find the nearest D-STAR repeater and click on its call sign.  Look for “Gateway Registration URL” on the info page and click on that link.  Note some D-Star repeaters do not host registration so there will be no link on that repeater’s info page.  Try another repeater until you find one.  For these instructions we will use the KI4WXS repeater in Charlotte, NC.  Write down or book mark the URL of the page for use in Step 2.


b) If a security certificate appears after clicking the link, continue to the web site despite the warning.  Most D-Star repeaters do not bother to obtain security certificates.  You should see a login screen:


Figure 1.  Login Screen at https://ki4wxs.metro-uhf.org/Dstar.do


c) Click on the 'Register' button. You should see the following screen:


Figure 2. Registration Page


d) Read “The agreement document” (it is not long) and select the “YES” button. Fill out all the fields on the rest of the page.  Make sure that your call sign is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  This will be your login ID.  Name can be in upper and lower case.  The password is cAseseNsitiVe , so write down exactly what you enter.  When complete, click the OK button to submit your registration request to the gateway administrator.  A popup will ask “Are you sure?”  Click OK.


e) Now for the hard part; waiting for approval.  The administrator will verify your call sign validity and check whether you are already registered at another gateway.  Assuming everything is OK, you will receive an e-mail stating that you have been approved and to complete registration step 2.  The instructions are below.

Step 2 – Register one terminal – this step is required


a) Return to the Login Screen (Figure 1) and login with your CallSign (ALL CAPS) and your Password (case sensitive) that you chose in Step 1.  This will take you to the following screen:



Figure 3. Top Portion of the User Information Page


b) Click on the “Personal Information” link (far right side of the page).  You will be taken to this screen where you can change any of your personal information.  We will focus on line 1.


Figure 4. Personal Information Page

c) To finish your registration, you must set up one terminal on Line “1”.  Click on the checkbox next to line “1”.  Then click inside the “Initial” box to the right of your call sign on the same line.  Type in a single space character (i.e., tap the space bar).  This will not show on the screen, but is very important.  Do not click on the “RPT” check box.  In the “pcname” box, enter your call sign in lower case.  You may add additional info, but you must not use any spaces.  Instead use a dash.  For example: w9hpx-dvdongle.  All characters in the “pcname” box should be lower case and there should be no spaces.  Your page should look similar to Figure 4 (with your information).  When complete, click “Update”.  A popup box will ask “Are you sure?”  Click OK.  Your registration is now complete.  


d) You may logout and use the full functionality of D-Star.  Welcome to D-Star and enjoy!

 Note: it takes up to a half hour for your registration to propagate to all the D-Star gateways in the world.  You can check your registration at https://wb1gof.dstargateway.org/cgi-bin/dstar-regcheck.

 Additional Information 

You only need to register at one gateway.  Moving your registration to a different gateway is not recommended unless the gateway you are registered with goes defunct or some other problem demands it.  Even if you move to a different area, your registration will still be good.  However, if you do need to register again the proper procedure is to contact the gateway administrator where you are currently registered to have your registration removed.  You can then register at another gateway of your choice.

 You can change your password on the page shown in Figure 4.  If you should ever forget your password send an e-mail to the gateway administrator.  He cannot recover a password, but he can reset it to a new one.

 You only need to register one terminal.  The rest of the rows of IP addresses shown in Figure 4 (rows 2-8) are used only if you have an ID-1 D-Star radio and intend to do high-speed D-Star digital data.



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