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Welcome to Digital Voice Radio!  If you are new, we have some tips to help you get started.

If you are an old hand at Digital Voice (D-Star, DMR, Fusion, NXDN, or P25) welcome!

Either way, we are glad you are here. Hope to talk to you on the air soon!

Check out the new D-Star Tips! Thanks to KE3C for sharing!!

If you are new to D-Star - Welcome!  If you have not registered your call sign, please click here

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Roland's 2022 Presentation on Digital Voice Mode is here

Roland's 2022 TAPR Presentation on D-Star is here

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This notice went out today (12/26/22) on the Group IO email.


It's with a great sense of loss that we announce that Roland Kraatz W9HPX is a silent key.  He was a wonderful person who always seemed to have a smile.  He was a prime mover in the Charlotte Digital Radio Group and supported all of our area radio clubs with presentations and digital radio assistance.  He loved educating people about digital voice radios and helping more hams become active in the digital modes.  Arrangements have not been announced.

Roland will be greatly missed, as a friend, a fine amateur radio operator, and as a technical advisor to many. Join in as we honor Roland's memory, pray for his family, especially his wife Gloria


This may temporarily impact some things such as dontations and operation of the Carolina Link, but plans are underway to make these impacts as short as possible. Please be patient as we mourn and try to sort out the pieces necessary to keep things running.


Ray (KI4UDZ) Webmaster






We are a group of amateur radio (ham radio) enthusiasts who encourage the development and popularization of VHF and UHF digital voice modes in the Charlotte metropolitan area.  No membership application required!  Join us on one of our repeaters, via a hotspot or dongle, by joining our Charlotte Digital Radio Group (CharlotteDigitalRadio) or coming to our monthly dinner meetings.


We operate multiple D-STAR repeaters, three DMR repeaters, two System Fusion repeaters with Wires-X one NexEdge repeater, as well as a new MMDVM Multi-Mode repeater which operates D-Star, DMR (Brandmeister), Fusion, and P25.  We also operate an FM analog repeater (220 band) and a GMRS repeater.  Internet connections at each of our sites allows us to inter-link repeaters to provide wider geographic coverage.  

Our repeaters are open.  We don't restrict use to "members" only.  We encourage all licensed hams to use our machines.  This is our gift to the ham community.  

We also try to educate and inform hams about the various digital voice modes.  This web site, our CharlotteDigitalRadioGroup, and on the air help are all parts of that effort.  We welcome newcomers to join us, get to know us and become involved in this great endeavor.  We think digital voice modes are fun.


Our repeaters are open and we want you to use them, but they are not free. It costs money, lots of money, to keep multiple repeaters at multiple sites on the air. We built and support these systems through equipment donations, volunteer labor and financial contributions from a large number of ham radio operators. A repeater installation can cost several thousand dollars. We try to carefully manage our expenditures, but when equipment breaks it must be repaired or replaced, sometimes at significant cost. For example, a failed antenna could cost several thousand dollars to replace if we must hire a tower climber. Our sites all have internet service and one site is rented. Just those ongoing bills exceed $2,000 annually. If you like using our repeaters please consider making an annual donation. We suggest $50 per year, but any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated. Use the Donate button below. Whatever you can give, we THANK YOU!



    Jump on our repeaters anytime. In order to stimulate interest, we currently link our repeaters to the following nets:

A note about linking and unlinking the repeaters to reflectors (examples for are D-Star, but applies to others as well):

  • Feel free to unlink the repeater as needed (not during an active net or other conversation)
  • Identify yourself (verbally) and state your intent
  • Unlink the repeater (send the letter 'U" in the the 8th position of the call sign field)
  • Link the repeater to the desired reflector (send REF054CL in the call sign field, for example)
  • Conduct your business on the newly linked reflector
  • MOST IMPORTANT: When you are finished, please unlink the repeater. If it was previously linked, please restore the previous link
  • Remember - you are not the only person using the repeater, so leave things like they were and ID yourself as you begin and end.


Note:  Net Times in local time unless noted


DMR Repeaters (All Color Code 1):  

            443.5875 (+5 MHz) W4ZO (NC PRN) Charlotte

                        Slot 1: Local (TG 27500), Echotest (TG 9998), Chat 1 Network (TG 27501), Chat 2 Network (TG 27502)
                        Slot 2: PRN Network (TG 2)


            444.3875 (+5 MHz) W4ZO (NC PRN) Wingate

                        Slot 1: Local (TG 27500), Echotest (TG 9998), Chat 1 Network (TG 27501), Chat 2 Network (TG 27502)
                        Slot 2: PRN Network (TG 2)


            443.9125 (+ 5MHz) KA4YMZ   (NC PRN) Charlotte-Gastonia

                        Slot 1: Local (TG 27500), Echotest (TG 9998), Chat 1 Network (TG 27501), Chat 2 Network (TG 27502)
                        Slot 2: PRN Network (TG 2)


             440.5625 (+5 MHz) K4DVA (NC PRN)  Albemarle

                        Slot 1: Local (TG 27500), Echotest (TG 9998), Chat 1 Network (TG 27501), Chat 2 Network (TG 27502)
                        Slot 2: PRN Network (TG 2)


                    (Note: All 4 PRN repeaters are linked on local as Charlotte Local)


            927.0125 (-25 MHz) KA4YMY (BrandMeister) Charlotte-Gastonia

                          Slot 1: Available for on-demand linking incl. echotest
                          Slot 2: Available for on-demand linking incl. echotest



Fusion Repeaters:  

            443.4375 (+5 MHz) KK4JDH  (Crowders Mountain - Fusion Digital Only with Wires-X)

                            connected to Carolina Link Room, #43008,  YSF: Carolina Link


            443.100 (+5 MHz)  KI4WXS (Hood Road - Fusion Digital Only with Wires-X) (OFF AIR)

                             connected to Carolina Link Room, #43008,  YSF: Carolina Link


            443.525 (+5 MHz) K4DVA) Albemarle  (Morrow Mountain)

                        mixed mode 77 Hz tone with Fusion Digital Wires-X

                            connected to Carolina Link Room, #43008,  YSF: Carolina Link, 


        Nets:  NWis Fusion Technical Net, Monday Night 7:30 PM Central 0030 UTC

                               WiRES-X: MNWis #21,493   YSF: “US MNWis 21493”, #37,624


Nexedge Repeater:  

            444.700 +5 MHz NXDN KA4YMY  (Spencer Mountain)

                RAN1 TG9000 - NXCore available


 MMDVM Repeaters:  
                443.9875 (+5 MHz) NC1L)    (Spencer Mountain) 

                 Supporting Dstar (NC1L-B), Fusion (YSFRelefector)

                        NXDN, & P25 (P25-Reflector)


                440.025 (+5 MHz) KI4WXS)    (Hood Road) 

                 Supporting Dstar (KI4WXS-B), Fusion (YSFRelefector) (OFF AIR)

                        NXDN, & P25 (P25-Reflector)



                 144.920 MHz (+2.5 MHz) K4DVA C (Albemarle)

                 Supporting Dstar (K4DVA-C), Fusion (YSFRelefector)

                        NXDN, & P25 (P25-Reflector)


D-Star Repeaters:  


        1292.00 (-20MHz) KA4YMZ A (Charlotte-Gastonia - Wide Coverage)



        145.140 MHz (-600 kHz) KI4WXS C (Charlotte Hood Road)  - Connected to REF054C

                        Tuesday 21:00 North Carolina & Friends D-Star Net 

                        Saturday 19:30 REF054C Coastal Carolina Net                     


         443.8625 MHz (+5 MHz) KK4JDH B (Crowders Mountain) - connected to REF054C

                       Tuesday 21:00 REF054 C North Carolina & Friends D-Star Net

                       Saturday 19:30 REF054C Saturday Night Carolina Net                     


          444.8625 MHz (+5 MHz) W4FAN B (Wingate) - connected to REF054C

                        Tuesday 21:00 REF054 C North Carolina & Friends D-Star Net

                         Saturday 19:30 REF054C Saturday Night Carolina Net                     


           440.6875 MHz (+5 MHz) K4DVA B   (Albemarle)



Other D-Star Nets of Interest (you may manually link the repeater, or use your hotspot)

                  Sunday 20:00 XRF038 A for the Ohio Net

                  Monday 22:00 REF038 C Raspberry Pi Net

                  Tuesday 23:00 REF012 A Papa Sys Tech Net

                  Thursday 22:00 XRF002 A Papa System D-Star Round Table

                  Friday 21:00  XRF021-B Canada Net



FM Analog

            224.02  (-1.6 MHz) KA4YMZ    PL 82.5 (encode only) (Charlotte)



            462.575 (+5 MHz, CONTACT Dave KC4SGT for access)   (Crowders Mountain)


APRS Digipeaters      (144.390 MHZ)

             KI4WXS-5     (Charlotte)

             K4OGB-9       (Albemarle) 

             K4DVA-9       (Morrow Mountain)



    We have a monthly dinner meeting at 6:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month (Directions to Park Place Restaurant):

Note:  New place!

Park Place Restaurant

10517 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC

            Telephone:  (704) 295-1588


             Park Place Restaurant  (Facebook page)




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