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Carolinas Reflector
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Carolinas Reflector:

We now have our own Carolinas D-Star Reflector!

July 7, 2012 - The Carolinas now has it's claim to fame with its own Dstar reflector!! Yep, we have ref054 courtesy of Mark, W4BOG who resides in Charlotte. He was kind enough to build up a computer in his data center and let us enjoy some of his bandwidth for the project. A big THANKS to Mark for hosting it for us!!!

Here is the plan for the reflector layout:

REF054A - Carolinas General Use

REF054B - EMCOMM/ARES/Skywarn etc

REF054C - Carolinas Repeaters / PermaLink

A note about linking and unlinking the repeaters to reflectors:

  • Feel free to unlink the repeater as needed (not during an active net or other conversation)
  • Identify yourself (verbally) and state your intent
  • Unlink the repeater (send the letter 'U" in the the 8th position of the call sign field)
  • Link the repeater to the desired reflector (send REF054CL in the call sign field, for example)
  • Conduct your business on the newly linked reflector
  • MOST IMPORTANT: When you are finished, please unlink the repeater. If it was previously linked, please restore the previous link
  • Remember - you are not the only person using the repeater, so leave things like they were and ID yourself as you begin and end.

Click here to see Last Heard on Ref 54C

Click here t0 see a  list of all D-Star reflectors


      We now have a multi-mode Carolinas Link System

    On the BrandMeister DMR network, using your hotspot or your local repeater, please use Talk Group 31254.
    On D-Star, please join us on XRF054B or DCS054B.

    On Fusion (C4FM) please join us on YSF Reflector "US BM TG 31254/Carolina Link", 

        via FCS003/33, or WIRES-X room 43008.



New - Dec 2017

As of 12/23/2017, KK4JDH B (Crowders) and W4FAN  B (Wingate) have been added to the Carolina Link bridge reflector XRF054B.  KI4WXS C has been connected to the Carolina Link bridge for about a month.  This puts all three of the D-STAR repeaters back on the same reflector.  Each of the repeaters will reconnect for the various weekly nets that are shown on our web page at: www.charlottedstar.org at the times shown there.  

The Carolina Link is also accessible using DMR on Brandmeister TG 31254 and using C4FM at any of these rooms:

FCS003 module 33

YSF US BM TG 31254

WIRES-X room 43008



For More Information Contact:

Charlotte D-Star Group
PO Box 87, Richfield NC 28137
Internet: info@charlottedstar.org

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